Turn content into  data with AI.

PlayFi's AI Agents 'watch' games, streams, sports and entertainment in real-time, enabling studios, creators and devs to build web3 experiences for everything the world is watching.

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The PlayFi Protocol unlocks web3 experiencesfor gaming, live streaming, entertainment, sports and more.

PlayFi's technology

PlayFi’s low-cost modern zkEVM chain (PlayChain) is secure, blazingly fast and highly scalable, designed from the ground up to turn content into data.

PlayFi stores data across an incentivized edge network of decentralized nodes (PlayBase), secured by a novel dual restaking mechanism using the $PLAY token.

Transformed content is verified by PlayFi’s decentralized AI compute layer powered by trustless and transparent ZK machine learning models.

PlayFi Oracles are created by builders to interact with the content the world is watching, and power smart contracts to enable rich web3 experiences.

The PlayFi Protocol

With our cutting-edge solution, studios and creators now have the power to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology.

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The PlayFi Protocol

The problem and the solution

Before PlayFi, turning content into actionable data was expensive and dependent on humans to capture and enter information.

Brands and creators are flying blind when it comes to connecting to live audiences.

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An audience of 3 billion+ players

Build for what the world is playing & watching

PlayFi turns live content into structured data in real-time.

PlayFi is the first AI and data platform to enable web3 features to be built on top of content. We’re building the infrastructure layer that allows studios and creators to seamlessly integrate blockchain primitives on top of the games, streams, sports and entertainment content watched by billions.   

Drive growth for publishers and studios

Drive growth for studios, creators and streamers

PlayFi’s hyper low-cost data edge network (PlayBase) helps studios and creators unlock new revenue sources from their content, games and player data, while reducing infrastructure costs.  

For example: game Studios can partner with PlayFi to incentivize a creator community to drive interactivity and viewership, without compromising the core product.

They can also unlock new value from secondary markets with permissionless trading, competitions and rich social experiences, all powered by player data.


Distributed AI compute at scale

PlayFi embeds plug and play AI processing models to process and categorize content and store it on our high availability data edge network.

An incentivized, distributed ecosystem of builders and creators help the PlayFi Protocol ‘watch’ content by training our powerful PlayAI models to capture and process games, live streams, sports and more.

Once a model is trained, the data it extracts is tokenized, validated by PlayAI and made available as verified events on the PlayFi data edge.

The $PLAY token will secure and power the decentralized PlayFi Protocol

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The gas token for PlayFi’s L2 chain

$PLAY is the gas token for PlayFi’s L2 chain, and will secure the PlayFi Protocol by aligning and incentivizing edge node operators with the interests of the broader protocol.

Account abstraction and native web3

$PLAY will also serve as an economic bridge between account abstraction and native web3 functionality, connecting fiat gateways and the blockchain.

Used to incentivize the network

$PLAY will be distributed via a progressive launch, heavily directed towards builder, publisher and edge network incentives.

PlayFi unlocks blockchain primitives for the content the world is watching.

By extracting structured data from content in real-time with powerful AI processing, PlayFi brings web3 features to the world's most popular games, sports, live streaming and more.

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The content you love, now with more features

The games you love, now with more features

PlayFi enables builders to create innovative experiences on top of your favourite content - whether it's games, live streamers or sports.

Participate in global amateur esports tournaments and peer-to-peer competitions with the security of a provably fair protocol with built-in dispute resolution.

Buy and sell in-game items via trustless social marketplaces, powered by our decentralized protocol with built-in escrow.

For Developers

Build on the blockchain that turns content into data

The games you love, now with more features

Streamers can run giveaways, pledges, faction games and airdropped rewards inside their content streams.

Gaming studios can capture in-game data from every session with zero product and database integration required.

Next generation ad ops enabling brands to “watch” live streams and trigger ads, with real-time attribution. 

Web3 platforms can create instant prediction markets alongside live content. 

And lots more:  trustless marketplaces, provably fair esports competitions and permissionless tournaments.

For Node Operators

Earn $PLAY for powering the PlayFi network

The games you love, now with more features

PlayFi nodes form a vast decentralized infrastructure network running AI compute workloads and serving as a data edge. 

Our nodes are uniquely modular, performing four fee-earning functions that the noderunner may opt in to: AI processing, AI coordination, data proving and storage.

Noderunners stake $PLAY and ETH to activate their nodes in the network, and are rewarded with $PLAY token as they fulfil requests.  

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