What is the PlayFi Protocol?

The PlayFi Protocol is comprised of 2 key components:

PlayChain - A fast, modern and low-cost zkEVM chain allowing rapid transactions with almost no fee.
PlayBase - A decentralized AI data processing and data storage network powered by modular nodes.

What is PlayChain?

PlayChain is a Layer 2 blockchain solution built using zkEVM technology on the ZK Stack. Key to PlayChain are the Oracles that read data from our decentralised edge network and allow developers to build gaming applications, known as Gaming Apps (gApps) on top of existing games.

What is PlayBase?

PlayBase is a decentralized AI data processing and data storage network powered by modular nodes.   PlayBase's modular node network operates to validate actions and outcomes that occur in games or in game adjacent spaces, allowing rich experiences to be built on top of this verifiable data.

What is the AI compute layer?

AI is utilized at the initial stage of data processing in PlayBase to handle large volumes of incoming data, such as hours of video feeds. The AI system is designed to identify and extract key elements from this complex data, including player names, scores, maps, and timestamps. It then validates this data and formats it ready to be stores by our nodes.

What is the Data Edge Network?

The data edge network forms the second part of PlayBase. It is a decentralised network of storage nodes which have the responsibility of storing the data sent to them by the data processor. They are also responsible for sending the unaltered data to the Oracles.

How do Oracles work? 

The Oracles role is to verify the consistency of data hashes - that is, they check that the data recorded on PlayChain matches the original data from PlayBase. When all nodes reach consensus, the verified data is securely pushed to a dedicated oracle contract. Oracles can easily be spun up using our dedicated Oracle SDK.

How secure is data on PlayFi?

At PlayFi, data security is a top priority. Our decentralized network architecture enhances the security and resilience of stored data, protecting it against breaches and system failures.

What are modular nodes? 

Each node contains 4 unique and powerful modules that can be toggled individually by the node operator.

By running a single piece of node software, operators can pick which network features to contribute to and earn rewards from based on their available computing power and storage space.

How do I become a node operator?

Anyone with some basic technical knowledge can run a node. Running a PlayFi node can be done on a personal computer, though specific hardware upgrades like increased storage or a more powerful graphics card might be necessary depending on the activated modules. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates on how to get whitelisted for our node sale.

What are the benefits of running a node?

As a PlayFi node operator, you are compensated for your efforts with $PLAY Tokens. The more you contribute—through uptime, data processing, and active module management—the more you stand to earn. Contributions that enhance the network's capabilities result in a greater share of the distributed $PLAY Tokens.

What is $PLAY?

The $PLAY token is integral to the operation of the PlayFi Protocol, facilitating a variety of functions:

1. $PLAY enhances the security of the PlayFi Protocol by aligning and incentivizing edge node operators.
2. $PLAY functions as the gas token for PlayChain, facilitating transactions and network operations.
3. $PLAY acts as an economic bridge linking account abstraction with native blockchain functionality, and connects fiat gateways to the blockchain.

How can I get involved with PlayFi?

If you are a builder, creator, or project interested in what we do at PlayFi, we would love to connect with you. Please reach out to us by filling out this form.

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Modular Nodes

Discover the versatility of PlayFi's innovative modular node system. Each of the four modules performs an essential function to power the PlayFi Protocol and can be toggled on or off freely.

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